Feeling trapped in the content creation grind? 
Let's breathe new life into your creativity

*Complimentary for The CQ Insiders
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Feeling trapped in the content creation grind? 
Let's breathe new life into your creativity

*Complimentary for The CQ Insiders
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds


Come behind-the-scenes with us for this immersive writing experience as we show you how to unlock your creativity, get into flow, and write content that converts 3K+ clients effortlessly.


How It Works

The Flow Effect is a 2-hour live writing workshop, where we reveal the synergy between guided breathwork and innovative content strategies to transform your writing journey. 

This distinctive, unique approach is designed to unlock unparalleled creativity and flow, allowing you to craft content that not only deeply resonates with your audience but also magnifies your authentic brilliance so you can get seen as the go-to expert that you already are. 

This is an integrative experience where we blend teaching with a 20-minute guided breathwork session, followed by focused writing time with a tailored prompt for your niche, culminating in personalized coaching and live content audits. 

Join us to experience a shift in how you create, connect, and captivate with every word you write.

During Our 2 Hours Together, You're Going Breakthrough Your Most Challenging Content Problems: 

Feeling Overwhelmed by the Pressure to Continuously Produce Content?

Breathe easy. Our workshop introduces the power of guided breathwork combined with strategic writing to unlock your flow, making content creation less about quantity and more about quality. Discover how to craft content that attracts premium clients with less effort.

Drowning in Endless Tasks with No Time for Creative Writing?

Imagine needing just a focused session to produce your best work. Learn time-efficient strategies that leverage breathwork and flow states to streamline your content creation process, ensuring you spend more time on what truly matters.

Eager for More Traffic Without the Hefty Price Tag of Paid Leads?

Let's shift the narrative. Our workshop unveils how to create content that naturally draws in your ideal clients, leveraging organic reach strategies that amplify your visibility without relying on costly advertising.

Tired of Seeing Your Hard Work Disappear into the Digital Void?

Transform your approach with us. Explore how breathwork can not only enhance creativity but also longevity in your content's life cycle, resulting in work that continues to engage and attract clients long after it's been published.

Join Us For The Flow Effect


  • All-Access Pass To The Flow Effect
  • Unlock the secrets to content that converts while learning how to sustain your creativity and productivity with our exclusive Flow Effect methodology. 
  • Guided Breathwork Session To Get You Into Flow
  • Experience a transformative breathwork session designed to clear mental fog and prime you for a state of creative flow.
  • Dedicated Creation Zone & Accountability
  • Immerse yourself in an exclusive environment designed for focus, paired with accountability support to ensure your best content comes to life (we make sure of it). We give you a tailored prompt and hold space for you while you write.
  • 15 Electrifying Writing Prompts
  • Jumpstart your creativity with 15 dynamic prompts that challenge and inspire, leading to breakthrough content ideas. 
  • Laser Coaching + Live Content Audit
  • Observe or be selected to receive personalized feedback and expert coaching during a live audit, refining your content for maximum impact. 
  • 30 Days Access To Replay + Breathwork Session
  • Relive the transformative experience with 30 days access to the workshop replay and breathwork session, (with an option to upgrade to lifetime access) anytime you need a creative boost. 

Meet Your Breathwork Facilitator

Chelsea is a Business Coach who helps 6-figure digital entrepreneurs elevate into 7-figure CEO’s. Her expertise lies in cultivating high-performing teams, optimizing business systems for seamless operation, and empowering business owners to become the Thought Leaders their companies require.

She is a Certified HypnoBreathwork® Facilitator and uses the method to help her clients break through limitations by re-wiring their subconscious beliefs, neutralizing their nervous system, tapping into their highest level of creativity, and optimizing their focus and productivity.

Chelsea's biggest passion is showing female entrepreneurs that they really CAN have it all; a thriving business and a thriving life.

Meet Your Content Strategist

After realizing that she was spending too much time working for the bottom line of someone else’s dream, missing precious moments with her family, and feeling completely unfulfilled…

Kinsey learned how to package her unique expertise into a coaching offer and sold it to her tiny audience on Facebook. She made her first $7,000 with three social media posts. That’s when she realized the power of content marketing. 

Since then, Kinsey walked away from the corporate grind and has gone on to impact thousands of women all over the globe who are ready to go all in on their unique brilliance and use it to make an impact. 

She believes that content is your brilliance made visible, and she’s on a mission to help more women get known and become category leaders in their industry. 

The Logistics

We kick off The Flow Effect on Wednesday, April 3rd, from 11am PT / 2pm ET, for a transformative 2-hour virtual workshop via Zoom that's set to redefine your content creation process. 

We will start by exploring effective strategies for crafting content that not only converts but does so in a way that's true to your unique brilliance—even if you're still on the journey to discovering what that brilliance looks like. 

Chelsea will lead a breathwork session tailored to clear subconscious blocks and spark your creative flow, setting the perfect stage for what comes next: a focused writing session.

Equipped with a custom content prompt and framework, you'll be given the space and time to craft at least one piece of content, leveraging the power of accountability to enhance your productivity like never before. 

We'll wrap up with a session on key takeaways, including live feedback and coaching, to ensure your newly crafted content is polished and impactful. 

You will have 30 days of access to the workshop and breathwork session replay, with an option to upgrade to lifetime access, ensuring your writing journey continues to evolve long after our time together ends.

Want more deets? 

Check out the FAQs: 

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is ideal for female coaches, consultants, creatives who are eager to revolutionize their writing process and experience more depth in their content. If you're looking to unlock creativity, craft impactful content, and attract premium clients with ease, this experience is designed for you.

Do I need any prior experience with breathwork?

Nope! This workshop is suitable for both beginners and those with experience in breathwork. Our guided sessions are designed to be accessible and beneficial for everyone, regardless of their prior knowledge or experience.

What technology do I need to participate?

You'll need a stable internet connection and a device capable of streaming video to participate in the live workshop. We recommend using a laptop or desktop computer for the best experience, but a tablet or smartphone can also work.

What if I can't attend the live workshop?

If you're unable to attend live, no worries! Registered participants will receive lifetime access to the workshop replay and the breathwork session, so you can experience the workshop at your convenience. The replay of the workshop, including the breathwork session, will be sent to you within 24 hours of the live session. 

How does the live content audit work?

The live content audit is a chance for a few select attendees to receive personalized feedback. Selection is based on voluntary participation and the submission of content for review. While we aim to cover as many as possible, it's based on time allowances.

Can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied?

We stand by the quality and transformative potential of our workshops. However, due to the nature of the content and intimacy of the experience, we do not offer refunds. if you're not satisfied with your experience, please email us at hello@kinseymachos.com so we can make sure that you feel supported.