Unlock your Magnetic Message, Attract Premium Clients, and Sell out your Programs & services
The Quickest Way To Capturing Your First (or next) 6-Figures
YOU'RE TOO BRILLIANT TO  BE GETTING OVERLOOKED know your experience and knowledge will transform lives but you don't seem to be getting noticed by the people that need you most.
the problem
Consumers are tired of 'mainstream' marketing.
Let's have a heart-to-heart
I see coaches in the industry with way less passion and purpose making A LOT of money.

And it frustrates me that the majority of heart-centered entrepreneurs are still hustling their way to through business, trying to get noticed in a space that seems to be all of the same.

As coaches, you're sold a ton of 'overnight success' marketing and sales strategies. 

And even though you're not really sure if any of it will actually work, you hold on to a sliver of hope that it might get you a smidge closer to your big goals. 

So you find yourself creating more content, trying to add more value to your audience, and fit into the newest shiny niche that should 'sell like hotcakes'. 

But at the end of the day...
your messaging isn't attracting your dream clients and your selling isn't closing the deal...
Which sends you on a tailspin of working harder and longer hours, forcing you to actually resent the business you so badly wanted to create in the first place.

It's not your fault, though.

We're taught that making money is hard, entrepreneurship isn't easy and that selling is spammy. 

As a result, there's a lot of mind drama that surfaces and it starts to create doubt and insecurities that ultimately show up in our marketing (even if we're not fully aware of it).

And because it can be so uncomfortable to 'stand out' in an industry that feels noisy, you stray further away from the truest version yourself and your most powerful asset of all...

Your Unique Brilliance.

Which is already within you just waiting to be discovered and awakened, but it's the very thing that will help position you as the expert, capture the attention of your audience, and get more high-quality leads knocking on your door.

When you uncover and operate from your unique brilliance, it means that you're marketing and selling the full embodiment of what you have to offer as a coach. 

And you're speaking directly to the hearts and minds of your dream clients and captivating them with your words... all of your social media content, your launches, and your sales conversations.

And all the fluff that was standing between you and your audience is entirely removed. 

Unfortunately, 'mainstream' marketing can be incredibly addicting for entrepreneurs. 

It's safer. It's comfortable. It creates busy work that keeps you distracted from digging deeper.

But when we go layers beneath the surface, we create more opportunities to connect more deeply with a premium audience and we start to get seen and heard as a thought leader. 
thats when i discovered
In Order to Captivate An Audience & Get More Clients...
We have to let go of who we think we "should" be and create a market-of-one by stepping more into our unique brilliance.

Which is why I'm on a mission to show coaches just like you how to  create demand and desire for your programs and get known as the first-choice coach in your industry. 
the backstory
I walked away from a cushy six figure paycheck which took me 10 years to build, stepped into my calling as a coach, and created the same amount of money in one year...
After I learned how to go deeper in my messaging and selling (and ditch the complex strategies)  everything started flow for me. 

I was able to capture the attention of a premium audience, convert them into high paying clients, and sell out my premium offers.

That's when I decided to ditch the old corporate mentality and masculine way of marketing and selling.
I broke all the 'rules' and scaled a 6-figure coaching business without..
  • ...a large audience 
  • ​...complicated funnels
  • ​...paid advertising
  • ​...trying to be on all the social platforms
  • ...sacrificing time with my sweet family
And I had a lot of freaking fun doing it.

The best part?

I learned how to radically accept myself as a coach (and as a woman) and found that when the more I embraced all of parts of me, the more my business flourished.

I want that for you, too.

just imagine
What life will be like when you're fully booked with your favorite clients?
  • Imagine how much you'll love your business when your messaging is so clear and magnetic that it's bringing in the clients you always dreamt about working with.
  • Imagine what your days will feel like when you have a lead generation strategy that gives you consistent premium clients and leaves you with an infinite supply of demand. 
  • Imagine what your sales conversations will feel like when you offer a premium package that creates a full body YES! and allows your clients to pay you what you're worth.
  • ​Imagine what you and your family will be doing when you're bringing in more revenue with a fraction of the stress. 
What Clients Are Saying...
When I FINALLY realized that I had to stop doing it alone, Kinsey injected the perfect power punch into my process. Stepping me through the branding strategy, and helping me navigate the sea of technology overwhelm, to focus on what really mattered to get me across the finish line. Ultimately, she helped me see more clearly the value of my services and the need to get my program to LAUNCH. Her valuable insight, connections, and candid counsel was exactly what I needed to get my first ever program off the ground with confidence! Kinsey has been a true beacon, breathing life into my business. I'm so grateful to have her in my corner!

- Brandee El-Attar
Family Success Coach
Kinsey is a branding and marketing ninja. The beauty of this program is it gives you the strategy to build your personal brand as the most authentic version of yourself. Being someone who is not comfortable whatsoever in marketing myself or my brand (especially on social media); Kinsey helped me understand how to create a strategy to serve my community and help me lean into that. Instead of feeling like I'm pushing myself or my agenda on my audience, I now feel secure in my message, confident in my mission, and clear on how I show up to serve my community and ultimately sell my services.

- Chelsea Oyler
Leadership & Business Coach 
I was looking for someone to help me get business off the ground. I felt like I was looking at a giant mountain and overwhelmed by all the possible ways to hike it. Kinsey helped to find one path that resonated with me and I was passionate about. Since working with Kinsey I have to learn to launch an online business only using social media. I for sure had an ah-ha moment when Kinsey helped me see that I could be an online running coach.

- Marissa Staley
Fitness & Running Coach
12 weeks to magnetizing your messaging, attracting premium clients and selling out your programs & services. 
→by the end of this program, you'll have Your:
Irresistible Offer
Learn how to package your experience and expertise into a high-end offer and get known for your unique methods, concepts and frameworks (even if you don't know what those are yet). You'll have an offer that has your prospects begging to work with you!
Content & Marketing Strategy
Learn how to create content that makes you money and a simple marketing strategy that builds a loyal audience, captures the hearts & minds of your dream clients, and gets you seen as a thought leader in your industry.
Lead Generation System
You'll have a simple lead gen system that works for you on autopilot, bringing leads to you every day so you never run out of clients to serve. 
Launch & Sales System
Discover the launch and sales strategy that creates more YES! experiences from your prospects consistently without feeling like you're being "salesy". Whether your selling one-to-one or one-to-many, you'll learn how to easily create 5-figure months.
unlock your unique messaging and cut through all the noise
Once you discover this new method of marketing & selling, you'll never want to go back to how things used to be... 
but you will need to hurry
Limited space available.
Because we want to create an intimate space for coaches to create bigger results, space is limited. There are only 10 spots available for this mastermind. 

Apply now to see if you're a good fit for the program.
if you're not 100% satisfied i'll give you your money back. 
If you join the mastermind, do the work, and and don't feel 100% satisfied, I'll give you your money back. 
why now?
Your dream clients are waiting for you to call them in. 
Don't spend anymore time in the 'mainstream'.