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An Audience Full of Premium Buyers Starts With...

A LIVE Niche Mastery Bootcamp

Unlock your unique brilliance and position yourself as the DREAM COACH for premium clients in just 4 days (or less)

(Registration Closes February 16th)

Walk away knowing EXACTLY who you serve and how you uniquely serve them or we’ll give you your money back!





An Audience Full of Premium Buyers Starts With...

A LIVE Niche Mastery Bootcamp

Unlock your unique brilliance and position yourself as the DREAM COACH for premium clients in just 4 days (or less)

(Registration Closes February 16th)

Walk away knowing EXACTLY who you serve and how you uniquely serve them or we’ll give you your money back!


To help you discover your unique niche and stand out online
(with replays to accommodate your schedule).


To identify your hidden blindspots that are keeping you stuck and help you access your truest magnetism and authenticity.


Through the private Brilliant Coach Bootcamp community where you’ll share and receive new ideas to keep you on track.   


A simple, proven framework to follow so you have a clear roadmap to turn your expertise into a revenue-generating niche!

For $47, Brilliant Coach Bootcamp will teach you the exact steps to discovering your unique, revenue-generating niche.

With 4 LIVE trainings to guide you and LIVE accountability and mindset coaching to motivate you, Brilliant Coach Bootcamp will help you get noticed as the ‘Go-To Expert’ starting today

Let’s be clear…

This isn’t another one of those “the riches are in the niches” training (although I will show you the mistakes to avoid in relation to the traditional niching guidance).

This is also not about forcing your unique expertise into a dry, boring "I help" statement and plastering it on social media with hopes that you’ll get recognized.

Although you’ll walk away with a powerful positioning statement and the clarity of exactly who you help and how you uniquely help them...

Brilliant Coach Bootcamp is so much more than discovering your unique niche.

During our time together, you are going to uncover your most authentic brilliance and align it with a premium, eager-to-buy audience. 

Our mission for you: amplify your income and impact while staying true to your unique voice and the people you’re being called to serve.

Because if you’re like the majority of women who come through our doors, I know that you’re likely watering down your message because your brilliance is SO CLOSE to you, you can’t even see the GOLD that it is.

And that’s the MAGNETISM that I am going to extract from you (personally) so you can elevate your presence online, show up with more confidence and authority, and attract premium clients like hotcakes.

By The End of Brilliant Coach Bootcamp
You’ll Walk Away Knowing How To:

1. Articulate Your Unique Niche and Value Proposition With Unparalleled Clarity To Stand Out In A Crowded Market
2. Identify & Target Premium Clients Within Your Chosen Niche So You Can Align With A Ready-To-Buy Audience
3. Build Authority & Thought Leadership With Your Content, Setting You A Part As A Trusted Expert 
4. Put It All Together With A Bonus Training of Your Choice To Attract & Enroll Premium Clients Consistently!

When You Sign Up For 
Brilliant Coach Bootcamp, You'll Receive:

Training #1: Brilliance Unleashed: Unlock Your Unique Expertise to Breakthrough ($97 value)

Training #2: Audience Alchemy: Align with Premium Clients to Accelerate Your Revenue ($97 value)

Training #3: Positioning Powerhouse: Crafting Your Unique Statement to Become The Go-To Coach ($97 value)

 3 Live Mindset Coaching & Training Calls 
($197 value)

Training #4: Bootcampers choice! (BONUS!)

 Exclusive Access To Brilliant Coach Bootcamp Facebook Community ($197 value)

 FREE Training Replay Extension ($97 value)

 Step-by-Step Training Action Guide ($47 value)

 20 Unique Niche Case Studies of Coaches Who Are Crushing it! ($47 value)



Most coaches struggle and ultimately fail to cut through the noise and stand out online — not because they’re not good enough or smart enough. But because they’re watering down their brilliance and speaking over the heads of their best-match clients. 

Brilliant Coach Bootcamp will change that. Learn how to discover your unique niche and position yourself as the GO-TO so you can rise above the noise, help more people and accelerate your revenue. 


PLUS! More Bonuses For Enrolling!


Extended Access To All Training Replays

This one’s for my busy moms and/or the full-time 9-to-5ers. With your packed schedule, it might take you a few more days to implement your unique niche discovery strategy. And that's okay!

Enjoy replays of ALL the Brilliant Coach Bootcamp trainings until the Bootcamp closes on February 27.


Step-by-Step Training Workbook

Get your step-by-step training action guide to ensure you're not just LEARNING but you're taking ACTION. 

An object in motion stays in motion and we're going to keep you in momentum from the get-go! 

When it's all said and done, you'll feel clear in who you serve, how you serve them, and how to reach them. 


20 Unique Niche Case Studies + Coaches Crushing It!

In this exclusive free resource, we reveal 20 unique niches that are not only thriving but also paving the way for success in the coaching world. 

Discover fresh perspectives and opportunities as we unpack niches that are making waves and redefining the coaching landscape.


Mindset Coaching

Remove the hidden blocks that are keeping you where you are and overcome the fear of putting yourself out there as the GO-TO expert. 

Mindset Coaching will transform your entire Bootcamp experience because strategy alone can only get you so far...

The coaching industry craves your one-of-a-kind brilliance, which only you possess.


Here’s how this works...
Once you enroll in Brilliant Coach Bootcamp, you’ll be supported every step of the way…
  • You’ll join the private Brilliant Coach Bootcamp community where you’ll get the accountability and support you need throughout the experience.
  • ​Attend the LIVE trainings so you can unlock and sharpen your unique brilliance, access your creativity, and discover a new sense of confidence (or catch the replays).
  • ​Follow the steps in your action guide to clarify your unique niche and position yourself as the undeniable expert online. 
  • ​Uncover your blind spots during the special mindset coaching trainings so you can get unstuck and activate a new wave of momentum (for now AND later).
  • ​Leverage the tools and frameworks to not only clarify your unique niche but to share it with the world and accelerate your impact. 

Joining is RISK-FREE!

We 100% guarantee you will love this bootcamp.

If after the end of Training Day #3, if you don’t feel clear on exactly who you serve and how you serve them, we will happily refund you your money. 

All you have to do is email by 11:59pm PT on February 21st for a full refund.

Have a question?

 Here’s What Other Brilliant Coaches Have Asked: 

How do I know if this is right for me? 

This is for you if…

You're a passionate coach or expert who wants to stand out in your industry by uncovering your unique brilliance and connecting it with premium clients.

You're committed to personal and professional growth and ready to invest the time and effort needed to refine your positioning in the market.

You believe in the power of a well-crafted positioning statement to elevate your brand and attract high-value clients.

You're open to introspection and eager to explore your strengths, passions, and experiences to create a truly distinctive positioning.

You want to be part of a supportive community of like-minded individuals, led by experienced mentors, to guide you through this transformational journey.

Brilliant Coach Bootcamp is designed for both aspiring and seasoned coaches who want the fastest path to becoming the DREAM option for their best-match clients. Regardless of where you are in your coaching journey, this experience will help you unlock more depth within your unique brilliance and amplify your voice to reach a premium audience, get known, and accelerate your revenue.

If you're ready to elevate yourself in the market and take your coaching practice to the next level, then we’re holding a special place for you inside Brilliant Coach Bootcamp!

When are the live trainings? 

Mindset Training (8am PT / 11am ET)
TRAINING #1: Brilliance Unleashed: Unlock Your Unique Expertise to Breakthrough (9am PT / 12pm ET)

Mindset Training (8am PT / 11am ET)

TRAINING #2: Audience Alchemy: Align with Premium Clients to Accelerate Your Revenue (9am PT / 12pm ET)

Mindset Training (8am PT / 11am ET)
TRAINING #3: Positioning Powerhouse: Crafting Your Unique Statement to Become The Go-To Coach (9am PT / 12pm ET)

TRAINING #4: Bootcampers choice! (9am PT / 12pm ET)

Mindset Training (8am PT / 11am ET)

What if I can’t make it live every day? 

That’s totally fine. All live trainings and mindset coaching sessions will be recorded and available to rewatch so you can catch up whenever is best for you.

You will have access to all replays, the Facebook group, and any online content until February 27th, 2024

Is there a money-back guarantee? 

Yes, if you don’t feel clear and confident in your unique niche after training #3, simply email my team by 11:59pm February 21st, 2024 and we’ll happily issue a full refund.

Have more burning questions about Brilliant Coach Bootcamp? Email

30K IN 30 DAYS

Need we say more?!

Our bonus training uses a secret method to take 30 DAYS… to get you to 30k… it’s that simple (and PROVEN!).

($14,997 Value)

You’ve Got Questions - We’ve Got Answers

(check out our FAQs)

How long is the program?

The 10K Content System is designed to get you everything you need in 60 days or less. Some clients come in and get results right away. Others desire to have a little more time, but you have access to coaching and community for 8 weeks and access to the 10K training vault for 12 months. This allows us to grow alongside of you without the urgency or scarcity of rushing through the experience. 

What if I'm just starting out?

This program is designed to meet the needs of ALL seasons of coaches. We find that most coaches waste their time chasing the latest tactics which is not sustainable and creates burn out. We teach you and coach you through the core principles of mindset, marketing and selling so that you can successfully grow your personal brand, position yourself as a category-of-one, build a loyal following, and sell through your content (without feeling salesy).

We have students that come in and start with NO OFFER to students that are already crushing it but need to increase their conversions and revenue.

You will be able to bypass a lot of heartache and frustration by shortcutting a lot of the trial and error and learning from experts that have already been where you are.

Remember, we all started from zero.

Will this work for me?

We carefully curated this program to give you all the coaching, content, community and plug-n-play tools you could possibly need to build a successful online coaching program. Whether you are NEW to the business or a coaching pro, there are things for you to learn here to elevate your marketing and selling in the overly saturated market.

Your success is entirely based on your commitment to the process and the willingness to do the work. Get coaching. Use the tools. Show up consistently and you WILL get results.

MANY students report having breakthroughs and getting results in just watching the recorded calls.

How quickly can I expect results?

Most clients who do the work of showing up consistently, watch the coaching, and apply the principles taught in the program see a shift within 14 days in their business.

In this program you learn how to consistently build an audience full of high-end clients so that you are never “out of leads.” You learn how to market to your current audience while warming up and growing a new audience.

Some newer clients had results in their FIRST WEEK of joining.

If you are “I’ll work to earn or save” the money, I want to encourage you to treat this as college or education. If you wish to enter the marketplace with maximum skill, it helps to pay for the education and tools to guarantee your results. If you aren’t making money in your business- it is because you are missing the tools inside this program.

What if I can’t make the live calls

All live coaching calls and trainings will be recorded and placed in your member portal. Some of our most successful students are people who NEVER receive live coaching for themselves but implemented the things they learned from listening to someone else get coached.

In fact, you learn MORE by watching others get coached.

But if you are someone who wants to maximize your investment, I want to encourage you to treat this program as if it were a million bucks (because technically, if you master what we teach you inside of 10K, you’ll be able to make a 7-figure salary for life).. And commit to showing up however you can.

If you want to enter the marketplace with confidence in your marketing and selling, this will help you get there. If you aren’t making money in your business, it’s because you are missing the education and tools inside of this program. 

Can I join 10K Content Collective if I’m not a coach? 

The answer is YES. You won’t get kicked out for being a photographer, a web designer, or a hair stylist.

No one is teaching content marketing in the industry like I teach it. And if you’re trying to leverage social media to grow your business, then you can be in ANY industry to get a massive ROI from what you’ll learn in 10K. Also, the Monthly Content Collectives alone are worth thousands of dollars, and are beneficial to any business owner that has a hard time gaining attention of their ideal clients online and converting their audience into customers or clients.

What if I am in a program or a course already (or currently 
working with another coach)?

This program is your very specific teacher for marketing your coaching programs. It can be used WITH anything else you are currently doing. The question you have to ask yourself is simply… ”Do I want to make money NOW?” 

This program will help you with that.

Is there a refund policy?

No. We do not want you to come into the program if there's an intention to "check it out", play it small, and dip your toe in. This would be a disservice to your success. When you go ALL IN on your success, you learn how to extract an ROI in all experiences, not just a mentorship program. Show up, get coached, do the work and you won't even recognize yourself in four months. 

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