This exclusive opportunity to join 10K ends in...

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This exclusive opportunity to join 10K ends in...

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

10K Content Collective

The ultimate, step-by-step system to convert paying clients with your organic content. 

Attention is the hottest commodity right now
Learn to capture it with an online presence that's electrifying! 

10K Content Collective

The ultimate step-by-step system to convert paying clients with your organic content. 

Attention is the hottest commodity right now.
Learn to capture it with an online presence that's electrifying! 

The coaching industry is more saturated than it’s ever been before.

Education about how to market yourself online as a coach is more than accessible, so much so that it feels confusing, overwhelming and cause for self-doubt.

All the different social media platforms, algorithms, and various types of content you “should” be posting are most likely causing decision fatigue for you. #stuckAF

So by the end of the each day, in order to feel like you’re at least putting something out there, you are forced to mold to the same-same content marketing strategies in hopes that SOMETHING will stick.

Unfortunately, what we know about ‘mainstream marketing’ is that it lacks curiosity. It’s missing the magnetic force that pulls people in. And ultimately, it doesn’t illuminate YOUR unique brilliance.

So, your best potential clients scroll right by you. 

The “cookie cutter” approach to social media marketing is stripping women from the opportunity to demonstrate their unique brilliance. 

When it comes to coaches who are trying to get clients online, there are three BIG problems...


The majority of coaches don’t understand online marketing and have a hard time translating their brilliance and expertise to the people that need to hear it most. They think that their expertise is enough for their potential clients to trust them and become disheartened when they get overlooked for people much less qualified than them. 


For the coaches that DO understand online marketing, they lack clarity on the problem they solve and don’t understand how to create demand and desire for their offers with their content. This usually leads to the 'more' mentality; i.e. "I need more followers", "I need to post more often", "I need more offers".


The industry’s general lack of marketing confusion has created an INFLUX of ‘gurus’ not really knowing how to teach online marketing, and has the majority of coaches doing the same-same of what everyone else is doing; vague, boring, mainstream marketing. Like a blind man leading sheep. #oops. 

"After a few short weeks of joining the program, I closed $22,000 in sales without even trying."

This program has been absolutely life-changing. Last year, my business had exploded out and I saw tremendous growth, but I found myself hitting another wall. 

The growth I had experienced wasn't sustainable because I didn't have a reliable system in place to attract consistent clients and predictable income...until I met Kinsey! 

After a few short weeks of joining the program, I closed $22,000 in sales without even trying. I simply followed her lead and trusted her process. I have clarified my marketing message and process so that I can have more freedom without trying random strategies as if I was throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks

My confidence, as a business owner, has exploded because I now have a proven process to grow my business month after month.

- Angela

"With this program, I am going to make my $100K sales target."

I was lacking confidence and clarity in my messaging and offer. I invested in this program at the end of February and 22 days later I got my first $3K client for my brand new signature program! There is NO WAY this would have happened without this program.

I get golden nuggets that I can implement every time I watch, login, or join a zoom. It’s like Kinsey’s content has given me permission to focus very specifically on my ICA, my offer and my platform so I’m not constantly chasing the next shiny object.

I feel like I’m truly speaking to my ICA for the first time. I have confidence and I’m getting better each week. I also love the community and all the coaches. They are amazing! With this program, I am going to make my $100K sales target."

- Jen

When I finally gained the courage to leave my cushy corporate leadership position and become an entrepreneur, I hit 100K in my first year of coaching by helping other female entrepreneurs get what they wanted, which was to gain the visibility they deserved and convert the clients that they were obsessed with. 

From doing this intimate hands-on work, I’ve built an entire body of intellectual property that’s now helping hundreds of female coaches create a binge-worthy presence online that’s become a client (and cash) machine. 

Like, literally.

Because of this unique process, female coaches all over the globe are learning how to step into their pull power, claim their confidence, and reach the people they were meant to reach online… simply.

This program is your roadmap to attracting and enrolling premium clients every day with your organic content. 


10K Content Collective

10K Content Collective gives you everything you need to have your best potential clients reaching out to you.

If you can learn the skills we teach you inside of 10K, you'll be well on your way to a business that's generating 6-figures and beyond. 

We show you how to capture the attention of a high-paying audience and convert that attention into clients without having to be someone your not, spam people in their DMs or "pop" into FB groups.. 

We give you everything you need.

And everything you don’t need.

Because the most simple pathway to your first (or next) 10K doesn’t require you to have a fancy website, a large audience, or complicated funnels.

Even if you feel like you're a "fraud" or might "get caught" -- I promise, this works for you, too. 

Every day, our clients are using the 10K Content System to attract and enroll clients!

Here's just a small snapshot into the daily wins we have the opportunity to celebrate...

10K Content Collective is a live coaching container that will change you from an overlooked, overworked coach to an in-demand Thought Leader in your industry. 

There is nothing in the industry like 10K Content Collective 

...and this is not your average coaching program or "course".

Next-Level Coaching. Zero Fluff.

The level of coaching, at the frequency that it’s offered is mind blowing. You’ll get access to Kinsey and her team of experts at least a few times a week to dive deeper into your mindset, your marketing, and your selling. We know that the biggest results are created when you have a mentor that’s walking alongside you (not just throwing recorded videos at you). 

Timeless Principles + Just-in-Time Strategies = Winning Strategy

Band-aid approaches to marketing and selling will only get you so far. Without understanding the core principles of marketing & selling, you’ll always feel like you’re burning the candle at both ends. Our framework for getting clients online is bulletproof and will stand the test of the time -- BUT we know you want all the up-to-date info on social media, so we gave that to you too. #overdeliver

Business Is Meant To Be Joyful, Not Hustle-y. 

As a woman, you should be leveraging your femininity to your advantage, not suppressing it with the masculine-heavy approach to online business. We teach you how to fall in love with your business by finding joy in the creation process; the creation of the next version of you, the creation of your content, and the creation of clients. If you’re not having fun in an expansive way, you’re doing it wrong. 

Transformational experience. Change Your Business, Change Your Life.

We don’t just give you the roadmap for consistent clients, we change the way you see yourself, the way you see your business, and therefore, how you show up in the world. In order to achieve things you’ve never achieved before, it requires a version of yourself you haven't experienced yet. And we help you drop into her. Once you step into that frequency, your success is inevitable.

Expert Eyes On Your Content.

Each week, you have the opportunity to get your marketing assets personally reviewed in our live coaching sessions. Corporations pay us a lot of money to write their content and we’re giving you this same type of access at a steal of a deal. Even if you aren’t having your content reviewed, the breakthroughs on these live review sessions are through the roof. 

High-Converting Content Templates - Fast Cash, No Delays.

We give you bite-sized, digestible plug-n-play resources that allow you to earn while you learn. Don’t delay getting clients. Start creating results by using our collectives of high-converting content templates that accelerate your certainty, your visibility and your profitability.

"I’m able to feel confident, I’ve attracted dozens of new clients, doubled my engagement on posts and made 3 sales (AFTER raising my price!!)."

Before joining 10K, I was having a hard time finding clients who could afford my program. I also knew that my offer was worth more than I was charging, but I was hesitant about raising the price of my program. I didn’t feel very confident in my skills as a writer, and I wasn’t really sure what I should be focusing on when it came to posting on social media.

Kinsey’s hands-on content creation approach has guided me toward choosing language that feels natural, relatable, and bold all at once. Now, I’m able to feel confident, I’ve attracted dozens of new clients, doubled my engagement on posts and made 3 sales (AFTER raising my price!!).

The coaches, community, and lessons in the portal are incredible! I’ve had lots of coaches, but none of them have impacted me and my business as profoundly as Kinsey. Kinsey has such an incredible way of demystifying the process of starting and scaling a business... Run don’t walk to 10K Content Collective!

- Daria

"When I started with this program, I was a full time high-powered senior leader in a corporation where I was sacrificing myself as a mother in order to meet the bottom line of someone else’s agenda."

Using the methodology of 10K and gaining the support of the coaches throughout the journey, I was able to replace my 6-figure income in less than ONE year and finally release myself of the golden handcuffs.

But more than that; I’ve been able to prove to myself what is possible, what I can do, and how much I can change the lives of others.

This is my life’s work, and it wouldn’t have been possible without this amazing team and community who has supported me and cheered me on through this journey.

- Chelsea

Your content is an expression of your voice, your brilliance, and your purpose. 
It deserves a premium audience.  

Here's How We Do It

Captivate Your Audience With Your Unique Brilliance

  • Discover the secrets to positioning yourself as the 'go-to' coach in an overly saturated market. 
  • ​Unlock your unique brilliance (even if you think you're "basic") so you can go deeper with your authentic message. 
  • ​Package your expertise into a compelling high-end coaching offer that's aligned with the type of client you feel excited to serve.
  • ​Learn how to identify who the premium version of your client is so you can stop negotiating with people that aren't willing to pay you.
  • ​Transform your own THINKING so you can align yourself with the version of you that achieves big AF goals (even if you struggle with imposter syndrome, an overwhelming amount of fear, or have no experience as a CEO).

Connect With The Heartbeat Of Your Dream Clients With Profitable Content

  • Create a marketing plan that generates high-quality leads on autopilot (so you never run out of interested prospects). 
  • ​Use the 'layered visibility' method our most successful clients are using to get in front of the right audience without having to be on all the platforms. 
  • ​Design a content strategy that gets you known, builds momentum in your audience, and positions you as the expert.
  • ​Learn our unique content creation method that converts your followers into clients without having to spam people (even if you have a tiny audience).
  • ​Discover our Profitable Facebook Group Method that our clients use to consistently convert premium clients (even if your current Facebook Group is dead). 

Close More Sales With Value-Based Selling

  • Learn how to move DM conversations to phone calls so you can have a genuine conversation with people that want to learn more about your offer.  
  • ​Discover our unique Value-Based Selling System that allows you to create transformative experiences when making offers (basically selling without selling)
  • ​Learn how to overcome objections in all parts of your marketing and selling so by the time they get to the phone, they're ready to buy!
  • ​Build your confidence in making offers so you can stop worrying where your next client will come from.

Imagine what your business would feel like if...

  • You knew exactly how to show up online as the confident authority you already are without pretending to be someone you’re not.
  • ​You’re messaging and marketing was so magnetic that your best potential clients were flooding to your DMs begging to work with you.
  • ​You knew you had a system you could follow for content creation so that you could leverage your creativity at its optimal level.
  • ​You could reliably enroll clients without having to chase unqualified leads or worry about where your next client was going to come from.
  • ​You were able to attract people that were ready and eager to PAY and repel the people that could price object for dayyyzzz… 
  • ​You were getting highlighted and recognized by other large influencers, media sources, and invited to speak on stage. 
  • ​You could spend more time with your family and friends because you weren’t stuck in the weeds of your business, doing things that don’t produce results.

"After Kinsey helped me with my copy for a FB/IG post, I was able to book my first paid client!"

I am glad I came into 10K Content Collective at the beginning of my business because I didn’t have the tools for social media marketing and I didn’t know where to start. I had an offer, but didn’t know how to convey it on social media in a way that would bring me clients.

After Kinsey helped me with my copy for a FB/IG post, I was able to book my first paid client!

10K is a great value with tools for all types of coaches at various levels of their business. I like the step by step approach in 10K and the program is very comprehensive with so many opportunities for personal questions and feedback.

Both Jenny and Kinsey have reminded me the power of my mindset in regard to my business, but also offer action steps when I am feeling stuck.


Kinsey has taught me to harness the power of my unique essence to show up authentically online... 

What I've experienced during our time together is an internal transformation unlike any other & in my opinion, is more valuable than the 5k months & fully book coaching biz that most coaches promise & brag about (which Kinsey absolutely delivers on btw). 
Kinsey has taught me to harness the power of my unique essence to show up authentically online and embody the unique characteristics that only I possess to help the people I was born to help through the work I do. 
Before working with Kinsey, my voice felt so small - I still didn't know who I was in this world. I stood in disbelief that I had something worthwhile to share, but Kinsey helped me dig deep inside to find my unique brilliance & confidently share it with the world. 
Kinsey is more than just a business coach - she 's an amazing human being and friend who helped me unleash my inner magic and I'm so grateful for her. 


This sounds magnetic AF. 

What are the logistics?

10K Training Vault

You get instant access to your on-demand training portal where you’ll learn our proven step-by-step method for converting clients with your content. You’ll learn how to grow an audience on social media, marketing authentically in a way that magnetically attracts high-quality clients, and get fully booked as a coach by selling in service.

Weekly Content Review 

Every week, you have the opportunity get your content reviewed by Kinsey and her team of experts. The best way to learn how to effectively do this is to get expert eyes on your content as you learn so you can increase the learning curve while getting clients (and cash). 

The Coach’s Copy Bible

This is your profitable-content creating BFF. Clients will literally carry this with them everywhere they go because if it's reference guide type of nature to writing high-converting content but also includes 50+ pages of content ideas, content types, formulas to use, and examples of our favorite promotional posts, FB group posts, and more.

PLUS 8 weeks of high-caliber coaching, community and accountability to accelerate your results... ! 

Weekly Live Coaching w/Kinsey

Get coached by Kinsey every week, guaranteed. She'll coach you on mindset, messaging, marketing, selling, lead generation, making offers, getting your first handful of clients or scaling to $10K months. Join us live every week or watch the replay in your member’s portal or private podcast feed.

Weekly Co-Writing Clinics

Find focus and accountability on our live and on-demand deep work sessions. Every week we host a container with new writing prompts where you create new intentions and increase your productivity with a structure that fosters completion and prioritization.  

Exclusive Community

This unique female-only community is curated specifically for you to experience deeper levels of support, celebrations, and encouragement during your 10K experience. Whether it’s celebrating making your investment back, earning your first or next 10K, or hitting 100K, this will be your go to circle to celebrate! 

30K IN 30 DAYS

Need we say more?!

Our bonus training uses a secret method to take 30 DAYS… to get you to 30k… it’s that simple (and PROVEN!).

($14,997 Value)

Once you know how to enroll clients The 10K Way, you will be able to replicate the process to hit 10K months consistently.

Are you a good fit for 10K Content Collective?

Let's take a look:

Who This Program Should Be Mandatory For:

  • Female entrepreneurs that don't know how to communicate their expertise online in a way that's compelling to their audience.
  • ​Someone who isn't consistently booking discovery calls or doesn't understand the full process that moves a cold lead to a hot buyer.  
  • ​A female coach, consultant or service provider that lacks the confidence to show up online and feels paralyzed by the idea. 
  • ​Anyone who is trying to gain traction online. 

Who This Program Is PERFECT For:

  • Female entrepreneurs who desire to discover their unique brilliance so they can be authentic and genuine online and work with clients that align with their values. 
  • ​Coaches that want a marketing message that matches a premium version of their ideal client. 
  • ​Women who want to get clients simply without all the tech overwhelm
  • ​People who are ready to finally hit their revenue goals after spending so much time worrying about things that don't matter.
  • ​Anyone who is on their journey to 10K/months (if you're above that, we have another option for you). 

Who This Program Is NOT For:

  • Women who don't like making money or just want their business to be a hobby. 
  • ​Business owners who want accelerated results but aren't willing to experience discomfort. 
  • ​Anyone who doesn't want to have more fun in their business and prefers to stay stuck trying to "figure it out" in their own. 

Do not spend one more day not knowing how to get clients with a repeatable, simple framework. 

Want to know what it looks like when you step into your power as an in-demand Thought Leader and call in those high-end clients effortlessly?

Use the wins from our 10K clients as proof that this is possible for you!

We're going to wrap our arms around you and support you every step of the way. 

We Don’t Like to Brag…

(but you’ve just gotta hear this…)

Joani R - Life Coach

Joani helps women create online businesses through discovering their purpose. Before working with Kinsey, she was overwhelmed and confused about how to build an online presence so that she could get more clients through social media. Instead of giving her a 'workload' of things to do, we offered her a super clear step-by-step simple strategy that allowed her to use social media to grow her business, but still spend more time with her clients. 

Holly T - OBM

Holly had been through a lot of bad coaching experiences, but she was instantly drawn to Kinsey and her coaching style. She had an idea for a program she wanted to launch for over a year, and through working with Kinsey, she was felt like she had the support and the hands-on guidance to create, build and launch her program that would allow her to scale her business without more of her 1:1 time.

Marissa S - Running Coach

Marissa had a sense that she wanted to help people through her unique skillset but didn't think it was possible. She had a major breakthrough when she realized she could help women train marathons. She launched her first program 2 months after working with Kinsey and it was a huge success. Then COVID hit and because of Kinsey's strategy, she was able to quickly pivot and re-launch a new version of her program that was even more successful!

Nora L. - Business Coach

Nora helps women become 'Proud Corporate Dropouts'. She walked away from corporate herself and was looking for a way to solidify her offer, market her expertise, and launch effectively. She consistently sells her $4K offer without paid advertising. 

Lety A. - Health Coach

Lety had a successful network marketing company but was feeling called to do more. She didn't want to do private coaching so we designed a high-ticket group coaching program. She has since launched her program 3 times and has sold out her program every time. She had her first $10K day and is now building out her team to help her scale to 7-figures.

Tracy H - Health Coach

Tracy was working in the traditional clinic with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. She wanted out of the hustle & grind and to be able to find a way to build her own business. We have been able to take her expertise and build a marketing plan that gets her noticed by premium buyers. She now has confidence in her offer, her messaging, and her unique framework. 

You’ve Got Questions - We’ve Got Answers

(check out our FAQs)

How long is the program?

The 10K Content System is designed to get you everything you need in 60 days or less. Some clients come in and get results right away. Others desire to have a little more time, but you have access to coaching and community for 8 weeks and access to the 10K training vault for 12 months. This allows us to grow alongside of you without the urgency or scarcity of rushing through the experience. 

What if I'm just starting out?

This program is designed to meet the needs of ALL seasons of coaches. We find that most coaches waste their time chasing the latest tactics which is not sustainable and creates burn out. We teach you and coach you through the core principles of mindset, marketing and selling so that you can successfully grow your personal brand, position yourself as a category-of-one, build a loyal following, and sell through your content (without feeling salesy).

We have students that come in and start with NO OFFER to students that are already crushing it but need to increase their conversions and revenue.

You will be able to bypass a lot of heartache and frustration by shortcutting a lot of the trial and error and learning from experts that have already been where you are.

Remember, we all started from zero.

Will this work for me?

We carefully curated this program to give you all the coaching, content, community and plug-n-play tools you could possibly need to build a successful online coaching program. Whether you are NEW to the business or a coaching pro, there are things for you to learn here to elevate your marketing and selling in the overly saturated market.

Your success is entirely based on your commitment to the process and the willingness to do the work. Get coaching. Use the tools. Show up consistently and you WILL get results.

MANY students report having breakthroughs and getting results in just watching the recorded calls.

How quickly can I expect results?

Most clients who do the work of showing up consistently, watch the coaching, and apply the principles taught in the program see a shift within 14 days in their business.

In this program you learn how to consistently build an audience full of high-end clients so that you are never “out of leads.” You learn how to market to your current audience while warming up and growing a new audience.

Some newer clients had results in their FIRST WEEK of joining.

If you are “I’ll work to earn or save” the money, I want to encourage you to treat this as college or education. If you wish to enter the marketplace with maximum skill, it helps to pay for the education and tools to guarantee your results. If you aren’t making money in your business- it is because you are missing the tools inside this program.

What if I can’t make the live calls

All live coaching calls and trainings will be recorded and placed in your member portal. Some of our most successful students are people who NEVER receive live coaching for themselves but implemented the things they learned from listening to someone else get coached.

In fact, you learn MORE by watching others get coached.

But if you are someone who wants to maximize your investment, I want to encourage you to treat this program as if it were a million bucks (because technically, if you master what we teach you inside of 10K, you’ll be able to make a 7-figure salary for life).. And commit to showing up however you can.

If you want to enter the marketplace with confidence in your marketing and selling, this will help you get there. If you aren’t making money in your business, it’s because you are missing the education and tools inside of this program. 

Can I join 10K Content Collective if I’m not a coach? 

The answer is YES. You won’t get kicked out for being a photographer, a web designer, or a hair stylist.

No one is teaching content marketing in the industry like I teach it. And if you’re trying to leverage social media to grow your business, then you can be in ANY industry to get a massive ROI from what you’ll learn in 10K. Also, the Monthly Content Collectives alone are worth thousands of dollars, and are beneficial to any business owner that has a hard time gaining attention of their ideal clients online and converting their audience into customers or clients.

What if I am in a program or a course already (or currently 
working with another coach)?

This program is your very specific teacher for marketing your coaching programs. It can be used WITH anything else you are currently doing. The question you have to ask yourself is simply… ”Do I want to make money NOW?” 

This program will help you with that.

Is there a refund policy?

No. We do not want you to come into the program if there's an intention to "check it out", play it small, and dip your toe in. This would be a disservice to your success. When you go ALL IN on your success, you learn how to extract an ROI in all experiences, not just a mentorship program. Show up, get coached, do the work and you won't even recognize yourself in four months. 

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